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Make your message and values emerge from the background noise

The IT industry is constantly evolving, and it is now becoming increasingly difficult to make your message and values emerge from the background noise, to build relationships and earn the trust of prospective buyers and customers.

We’re proud to play a substantial part in bringing together Decision Makers and Influencers involved in the IT purchasing process in a virtual as well as in a physical gathering.

With V11 you will spark meaningful conversations with targeted prospects (or clients) and be able to:

  • Generate Leads/Drive Demand
    Do not underestimate the power of face-to-face communication and personal contact. That is a reason why you may choose to organize events to generate leads. The right event allows you to interact with a group of prospects that already have an interest in your solutions. Indeed, what a chance to have them all together at the same time!
  • Engage with and Upsell to Clients
    You could upsell customers by introducing them to products and services that they may not know about—or may not realize could address their needs. Events offer a unique level of customer engagement and an opportunity for positive personal interaction that builds loyalty towards your brand. In addition, they allow you to achieve biggest ROI on your marketing expenditure by retaining and growing existing customers and getting their attention.
  • Build Brand Awareness
    Your thoughts, ideas and name can be presented in the exact manner you want them to be perceived. Each event gives you a unique opportunity to build your brand awareness and allows your company to build a positive reputation by affirming its identity.

Ask a contact with one of our Event Wizards, who are happy to support you with their expertise to help you deliver a successful event!


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